Consensual Relationship Agreement Template

A consensual relationship agreement (CRA) is a document that outlines the responsibilities and boundaries of a romantic relationship in the workplace. Employers often require CRAs to be signed by employees who are in a relationship with another employee to prevent any potential conflicts of interest or sexual harassment claims.

If you`re in a relationship with a co-worker, it`s important to understand the expectations and limitations that come with it. A CRA can help set those boundaries and protect both parties involved.

Here are some elements that a consensual relationship agreement template might include:

1. Definition of the relationship: The agreement should define the nature of the relationship and make it clear that it is consensual. This can help prevent any claims of harassment or abuse.

2. Disclosure of the relationship: Both parties should agree to disclose the relationship to their supervisor or HR department. This can help the employer monitor the situation and intervene if necessary.

3. Professional behavior: The CRA should outline expectations for professional behavior at work. This may include guidelines for communication, physical contact, and public displays of affection.

4. Confidentiality: The CRA should include a provision for maintaining confidentiality, meaning that the relationship should not be discussed with other co-workers. This can help prevent gossip or rumors in the workplace.

5. Consequences of breaking the agreement: The CRA should outline the consequences of breaking the agreement. This can include disciplinary action up to and including termination.

It`s important to note that a CRA is not a substitute for a workplace policy on sexual harassment. Employers should have clear policies in place to prevent and address inappropriate behavior in the workplace.

In conclusion, a consensual relationship agreement can be a useful tool for couples in the workplace. It can help establish boundaries, prevent conflicts of interest, and protect both parties involved. If you`re considering a CRA, be sure to consult with your HR department or legal counsel to ensure that it`s in compliance with company policy and applicable laws.